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What Vastu has to do with your sleep patterns?

Is proper sleep important?
What happens when we are sleeping?
What are the important points we must take care to have good quality sleep?
What Vastu has to say about our sleep?

Selecting bedroom and using the best direction to sleep is of prime importance but Quality sleep is very important from health point of view, Do you know that a person of 60 year has slept for around 20 years in his / her life? i.e; almost an average of 7 to 8 hours daily, i.e; one third of his life. Our body has a biological clock- of the organs, which is 11pm to 7 am, we must in general sleep in that period.
A natural hormone is released by the brain through Pineal gland- called Melatonin which induces sleep, the release of this hormone is disturbed by light- so when we watch TV, work on laptops, see mobile, or keep lights on late in the night this stops the release of this melatonin hormone is disturbed causing sleep less nights, also if you are stressed due to any reasons this can also have its repercussion on sleep, When we sleep the brain frequencies are lowered from 30 hz to almost 5 hz, that is from Beta level to alpha level to theta level and delta level, it is here that all this functions happen in body of detoxification, So it is important to eat at least few hours before going to sleep, so that when we go to sleep much of the work of digestion is done-
And so the body and mind can do the function of detoxification properly, What is this detoxifiacation process, Our body is made of around 50 trillions cells, and everyday lakhs and lakhs of this cells die, this dead cells are replaced in the body by new cells and are ready to be washed out of the body, when this dead cells are not completely thrown out of the body and they remain in the body – they find weak spots and stay there- and over a period of time this develops in to any disease or something harmful to the body-
The process of detoxification can be disturbed by many factors- one of the most common and dangerous is due to the Geopathic stress and Radiations in and around your bedroom of Mobile, Mobile towrers, Electricity, high tension electric lines etc, which disturbs the process of elimination of the toxins, dead cells etc from the body, So other then your bedroom in right sector and using favorable directions, there are many other factors that we have to take care in a bedroom- as your Energy Syetem is rejuvenated- all the 7 chakras and organs are healed, Many other important points we have already covered in the video on bedroom, So Take Care and Stay Healthy.

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