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In which sector or direction should you have your bedroom?

Ideally your bedroom should be in South West Sector as per Vastu Shastra. But it is very difficult to find apartments with bedrooms in South West directions, then what are the other choices or sector available where we can have our bedroom, as per Vastu? Yes, there are choices available if we check astrology chart of the owner and based on placement of venus if you can use that bedroom, its position can be decided.

When talking about children’s bedroom it can be in either of these directions North-East, North and North-West. These directions have good impact on the studies of your child and it helps improve their concentration levels. For good sleep, East and South is generally recommended for keeping our heads, East is known for absorbing solar energy, from North we get Jaivic energy – and it is believed that in our body, head is assumed as north.
As per this theory, North of Vastu and North of your body shouldn’t be in the same direction as they will repel. So, While sleeping keeping our head towards south is good but again here if the set up of a house which is not east west- then what to do, here you can use your birth details and find out what is best directions to use for sleeping. As bedroom is the place where our bodies energy system get revitalize, re-energized, all the dead cells are replaced and ready to be thrown out, it is also ideal that you don’t keep items that emit Radiations like TV, Music system in your bedroom, even keeping your mobile devices far from your bed while sleeping is recommended. Also, getting Geopathic stress checked from an eminent consultant and corrected so as to have best sleep, and avoid long term discomforts arising out of such Geopathic Stress, which can have impact on immunity and finally on health.

Things to keep in mind while renovating your bedroom could be following: Sleeper wood is highly not recommended in the décor of entire house, it’s a bad omen, also the vineer used must not be very shining or glossy, Matt finish decor is recommended. Depending on which sector you have your bedroom you can have the colors in pastel form- not too dark. Sleeping on floor with cotton mattress is very rejuvenating also having wooden bed is best, try to avoid stain-less steel bed frames, Mattress also with iron coils is not good.

What changes you can do to the bedroom which your are currently living in: Open Mirror is a big NO, keep it closed, or covered, as sleep is disturbed- basically Aura gets expanded while sleeping and so open mirror needs to be avoided to the at most possibility. Gurus, God photo frames are not recommended to keep in your bedrooms. Couples only can have their couple photos in their master bedroom or that of full family, and by far that of Radha Krishna would be okay. This are few pointers that you should take care for your bedroom.

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