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What Vastu has to say about having a Temple in your House?

Temple gives out positive vibes and it is recommended to be in the North East Sector as per Vastu. But that is not mandatory, You can have your temple in other directions in your house as well, It has to comply few guidelines for the temple to be in specific direction.
If you worship fire god- then you can have your temple in South East direction. On the other hand, for Tantra related activities it can be in South West directions, when it comes to Financial Gains, having temple in West can help you attain good financial stability, For helpful people having temple in North West is good, having temple in North will help the people living in that Vastu with terms of their Career and Business. As per the sector attributes we can decide and alter the position of your temple inside your house.
When it comes to Astro Vastu, with the help of the owner’s horoscope and the position of the planet Jupiter in his horoscope can also decide the place of the temple.

When it comes to praying, one important aspect that we have to keep in mind that if we are praying sitting on the ground facing the temple, then the temple has to be atleast 12 inches above the ground. On the other hand, if we are praying while standing then the placement of the temple should be atleast 4 feets above the ground bringing the temple to the chest level which is the Nabhi chakra or the 3rd eye chakra level.

Hierarchy of the gods in the temple is very important,that is, KUL DEVTA – KUL DEVI should get first position and should be in the front and then the rest of the gods. Try keeping less gods in the temple and also it is suggested to have photos and not murtis/idols. That too, photos shouldn’t be too big. Never keep photos of Gurus in the Mandir (Temple) and the Never keep the photos of the gurus who are still alive. Never keep God photos anywhere else in the entire house, they have a place and that is the Mandir (Temple), so it is recommended to not have photos of any Gods in the house other than the temple.
It is important that the temple is all enlighten. Diyas and dhoop should be lit outside the temple. Never keep God Photos or Murtis in the temple which you recieved in gifts.

If you got any tabiz, dhora , dhaga from any temple or any holy placec, you shouldn’t keep it in your hand tied up for long as the energy doesn’t stay for long and it also might get negatively energized.
These are some important points about temple which you need to keep in mind,

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