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How effective is Mantra Chanting?

Mantras are effective when you have a clear intention for what purpose you want to chant any mantra- as it is energy and will grant your wish if ou keep praying for it, so always be aware of what you ask. As it is in your subconscious mind tuning to some frequency.

The mantra that you are going to chant, there are chances that it has been already chanted by many, so the energies are active you just need to tune in with it correctly, We can choose mantras based on our astrological chart also, ex- Jupiter as nak of any planet if is in good position, and also giving positive houses associated to your wish then you can chant mantras related to Jupiter planet, and similarly can check for other planets.

There are many more ways you can check the energy of mantra whether it is suiting you or not, one is through Lecher antenna and another from dowsing. A very simple technique for a lay man to check is by using Kineasology Muscle Testing- which can be done by anybody. To follow how to do that.. watch our video on our channel.
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To start with, select a good date and time- based on which planet mantra you have choosen, or based on Muhurut find auspicious time and day, Wear fresh clothes and always have some aroma sprinkled around which gives you the positive vibes.
To enhance you can have Lighted diya in front of you, heat has proven to give out calmness to the mind. Always try and select small mantras if you have a choice, keeping it brief and short is always adviced. If the mantras have Vowels in it- like ” a e i o u ” – you must always stretch them with good vocals for good results.
Also when you chant couple of different mantras- then you need to give a gap of few minutes before starting another one as the vibrations developed by chanting needs to be absorbed by your body into your energy system.

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