Geopathic stress Harmonizing

Geopathic stress Harmonizing.

Proper Vastu can still have Geopathic stress and how it can be avoided”

Northern Hemisphere Office Unit in Mumbai of a wellknown Garment Export House. Vastu for Garment Export House, Interior planning for Corporate Offices.

Vastu Energies are important because they contribute towards our overall positivity. These energies can be positive or negative depending on the architecture. Vastu gives particular rules while building a house according to direction and position that will help forming positive energy everywhere in place.

There are times when we design our entire property by using Vastu but somewhere due to lack of some positions or structure around, the positive vibes cannot be completely reached. One of the leading businessman who is into garment export house purchased his new corporate office and that comprised of entire floor. The unit was rectangle in shape but due to staircase and life lying on different position, the North West location was entirely missing out of it.

The owner of the office has always believed in Vastu and hence designed the office accordingly. Everything seemed to be in place, like, their main Cabin was placed in South West quadrant, sitting was facing North and pantry in South East etc. They also had their main entrance to the office facing North. When everything looked so sorted they still felt that they were missing out of something and hence started surfing on it and then they heard about Geopathic stress. Hence Mr. Paresh Goshar was called to get into this matter and look into it.

On everything being analyzed properly and after in depth study with Lecher Antenna, we came to know that sitting of the main owner was in South West direction and other few areas of the offices lied in Geopathic Stress which was stopping the positive energies somewhere due to which people present there didn’t feel better and motivated. When all these were corrected and neutralized geo- bio vastu system of correction, not only it had positive effect on the members presented there but also the overall business was improvised on a higher level.  The owner felt better sitting in the same area for longer time with no drainage of energy and even the staff felt efficient and this had a good feel factor overall.

Sometimes, even after placing everything right, positive vibes can stop as the energy and the placements also depends on the human energy system of Nadi and Chakras of the concern or the core person of the property. Hence all these things should also be kept in mind before designing Vastu for any place to make sure of maximum flow of positive energy.

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