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Southern Hemisphere office in Central Mumbai. Vastu for Offices, Interior planning for Offices.

Client Cheated by his dealer for not paying huge amount for the goods purchased, which created huge debts for my client.

“What else that matters apart from positions and direction?”

All the gemstone are covered by 9 planets. All the planets have good and bad effects on a person’s life according to their planetary situation in the horoscope (Janam Kundli). In a horoscope, there are 12 places which are also known as houses. Which gemstone will be more effective for a person is decided by the planetary situation in all the 12 places of the horoscope.

Now you’ll might be wondering how come this topic is related to Vastu, right? Everything was all going well and hence our client thought of setting up a new office and hence settled down his business at Central Mumbai. He took a new office which was in southern hemisphere. But bad days started rolling. The client got ditched by his dealer for not paying huge amount for the goods purchased, which created huge debts. And he also started facing various issues in business and had to suffer. Hence, he thought of setting things according to Vastu and Mr. Paresh Goshar was been called.

On been checked with Lecher Antenna, the staircase leading to the office was in direction of anticlockwise. The office also found the energies of Southern hemisphere which was somewhere leading to destruction. The office building was at an angle (Vidisha) which had the facing of North east and office was at North west, moreover the main entrance facing North west. The cabin had North east direction and by detailed study with Lecher Antenna, we came to know that few things were placed by someone earlier, which was throwing a negative energy in overall area.

On the very first visit itself the Client was checked using Lecher Antenna with GeoBio-Vaastu Norms of Human Energy System i.e. Nadi and Chakra system. We found that his Aura energy was  depleted and the energy that we check for money and finances kept at a particular wave length which figured out to be negative. We also found that the client himself was wearing a Gem Stone ring and a leather Belt which both carried negative vibes. The belt was asked to remove but the gem stone was still kept as it was recommended by one his astrologer friend.

On rest things been corrected, there was no significant change in the energy pattern of the Clients Aura.  After checking, the Client was given assurance from our end to remove the Gem Stone for one month and check for the effect that he would get. And as assured at present he is not absorbing those positive vibes and rest other things seems to be fell in perfect place.

Orders, now he himself does not want to wear the stone and gave it back.

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