Breaking the cliches of South facing

Vastu is often considered as misconception about this science of architecture, though, it does not diminishes its value at all. It holds an very important role for our living.

One of the important concept that forms the foundation of Vastu Shastra is the concept of five elements i.e. earth, water, fire, air and space which are also known as Panchabhootas.

It is believed that the entire world is made out of it and all the precedence in life are vouchsafed upon a person or house by the proper use of placements of these five elements.

Our first case study is about how an office faced problem after their shifting and what all problems they had to go through. An industry was working really well and hence for the requirement of the big office they thought of shifting their office to the prime location of Mulund West.

Life threw a curve ball on them and they had to go through lot of hard times. Mistakes which are not even considered started ruining things for them and the business. Every order taken was wrongly passed (unknowingly) to the manufacturing unit which resulted in losses for every order taken.

A very big order also got rejected where the goods were manufactured according to specific needs, so the entire goods were now left out now. They also faced many other such issues where they found themselves helpless and hence thought that there is something wrong. People also started saying  that the direction is wrong as it belongs to south which is considered to be unlucky for properties and hence they thought a strong requirement of Vastu was required. They called up Mr. Paresh Goshar to figure some way out.

On been checked by Lecher Antenna we came to know that the office had the energy of Southern Hemisphere. Main Door was facing Southern side and passing through Geopathic Stress line. They also had their main electrical unit in the area near main door and other areas of the office also had Geopathic Stress energies. Along with that it had Wash rooms in North Location and the Office is at an angle with main Door facing SouthWest located in West.

The Staircase for the Mezzanine floor was opposite the Main door of the office which was 12 feet away,the staircase was open from behind and  which had Sever’s and back up battery on the back side.

The admin’s department and directors’s cabin’s energy was depleted too, and was placed on above washrooms. There was also lack in sitting of the staff as they were facing NE and SW. With the proper checking with Lecher Antenna, it showed that all of these were creating negative energies which was hitting them hard.

When all this was been told, they thought that it had to be broken completely to make a new structure as it has Southern Hemisphere. But breaking these cliches, the corrections where applied using CC (Cosmic Cubes -very strong Energy Correction’s that we use in GeoBio-Vaastu system of correction at appropriate places) it brought the energies in balance of the entire premises.

CC was also used to bring in the energy flow from the main door to the entire office area.

Moreover with the use of CC- the electrical main meter was harmonized and also neutralizing washroom, For Geopathic Stress lines- a special Arrestor’s were used to harmonise geopathic line.

CC were also used in arresting negative vibes of server system. From taking the energy flow up to the Mezzanine floor, correcting the open Staircase by CC so that now energy flows to the Main Cabin, all the corrections were based on the concepts and principles of “GeoBio-Vaastu. ” Nothing had to be broken down and were instead re-corrected without any reconstruction. The negative flow was stooped by balancing act.

Within a few days energy patterns got normalized and hence all the functions got better, resulting in pouring of huge orders. Moreover rejected goods got sold to suitable buyer. Communication gap between sales team and manufacturing unit got resolved with no further losses happening due to wrong information. After that even 2 of their Industrial units were asked to be visited by Mr.Paresh Goshar and they also referred to one of their business associates for their office and Industrial unit.

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