How can staircase play a role in leading success in Vastu?

An external staircase can be built in the southeast direction facing east, southwest direction facing west, northwest direction facing north, and southwest direction facing south. Always begin your stairs from north to south or east to west.

As per observations, a clockwise staircase creates a downward vortex of energy in a Vastu Zone, while an anti-clockwise staircase creates an upward energy vortex.These downward and upward energy vortexes change the natural effect of a Vastu Zone. The analogy of concept is this: as you tighten a screw, you rotate the screw driver clockwise and the screw goes downwards.

If you rotate the screwdriver in the anti-clockwise direction, then the screw rises. So, a clockwise staircase in the NE Zone will suppress new ideas, creativity and intuitions. On the other hand, an anti-clockwise staircase located in NE, will create more new ideas and creative intuitions. Similarly, clockwise staircases in positive zones will suppress their natural positive energy, and anti-clockwise staircases in positive zones will amplify the positive energy of that zone.

Recently, our client took an office but was highly failing in his business. After all the hard work and complete dedication, he couldn’t make it to the mark. Hence, he thought of checking upon Vastu once. On been checked we figured out that the staircase was going anti-clock wise and hence even after such a hard work, the success was running away.

After checking with Lecher Antenna with regards to the stairs, all the arrangements in the office was done according to the anti-clock wise staircase but there weren’t made any changes in the position of the staircase. So, one must remember that staircase can be clockwise as well as anti-clockwise depending upon the Vastu Zone it falls into. Rest other things, can be placed accordingly to stop the negative vibes coming.

After correction, within 3 weeks the improvement was highly seen. Orders started to pour in huge amount as the corrections were made based on the anti-clock wise Vastu science, what it is, come and learn in the GeoBio-Vaastu Course Module 1 to Module 4.

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