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Role of Vastu in Relationship and Health issue

Personal lives can be greatly improved by Vastu , which is a science that reforms the external influences to bring a positive change in a person’s life, including relationship with the spouse, power of conception and even progeny. It also facilitates a healthy, calm and relaxed state of mind. Vastu not does play role in career or its not just about designing structure for home, but in fact is a huge and beneficiary process that helps in managing over all lives of the people.

A married couple, where everything was so sorted and their life looked perfect took a harsh turn. Thought of settling in a bigger and better place they decided to change their old home and shift into a different apartment and set life differently. On been shifted, life threw a curve ball on them. The wife got diagnosed and cancer and their relationship status was also working poor. This wasn’t enough were husband also lost his job. This was the high time where they realised that they need to check upon the Vastu of the home and hence Mr. Paresh Ghoshar was called Chennai.

The property is Ground having 3 storey. The near by plot on back side is empty and all rain water gets collects in that which stays stagnate all the year around and in South location to this property.

The clients property was on the first floor. It had its main door in east, living room in north east, North, and part East.  Pooja room beautifully done in North, placed on east wall which was partly cut in north east. Kitchen is in south east, and bedrooms were located in south west and north west.

There was a wash basin in the centre. Color Scheme in north and north east wall forming major wall in the living room had red color. Sofa set also had red as major color. Kitchen was also mainly designed in red color.

When checked with lecher antenna, the house energy was bending more towards negative, heavy Geopathic Stress and geo lines were crossing and passing below bed, main door, gas position. This Geopathic Stress Lines were neutralised and within a week an great improvement between in relationship was seen.

They were also adviced to change colours on the North , North East wall, and had were also advised them to shift the wash basin. With the help of GeoBio-Vaastu special correction, using CC in the plot wall at specific directions, the wall were blocked and positive energy was raised. Moreover, all the water drainage were harmonised by CC, 2 of the wash rooms were energetically corrected and extended south east was cut using CC ( Cosmic Cubes specifically Designed by WorldonVastu for GeoBio-Vaastu corrections).

After all the changes were made, better results were change and a drastic change was witnessed. Their relationship got better within few days, health improved dramatically and carrer prospects got better too.

Human body energy correction was planned as the client has undergone operation for Cancer and we suggested her to get her Aura Energy Sealing done, which is a process to seal the Aura, as the doctor stitches the physical body, but there is always a cut in the Auric body left. Over a period of time this drains bodies vital energy, and so the operation auric cut needs to be sealed.This all is done on the aura body and the physical body is not touched at all.

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