What is Feng Shui? How Feng Shui is different from Vastu Shastra?

Feng Shui (pronounced as Fung-shway) is a Chinese system of geomancy which uses the laws of Heaven and Earth to improve life by receiving positive Qi. It is ancient and sacred bodies of knowledge revealing the connection between humans and the dwellings they inhabit. The term Feng Shui literally translates as “Wind-Water” in English. Qi rides the wind and scatters, but is retained when encountering water. Qi is a movable positive or negative life force which plays an essential role in Feng Shui.

The practice of Feng Shui is to achieve the optimum balance and harmony through the location and orientation of the living environment. The most important word in Feng Shui is ‘balance’. You need to balance the Yin and Yang and balance the five elements. It focuses on human’s well-being which can be achieved when we are in harmony with nature and the universal flow of energy. The five basic elements are METAL, WOOD, WATER, FIRE and EARTH. The Ancient Chinese believed these are the basic elements of the universe and everything in our world is a compound of the five elements. The five elements are not to be treated the same as the chemical elements we learned at school.

But ever wondered how is Feng shui and Vastu different? Feng shui is a part of Vastu has its origin in India. The Buddhist monks studied Vastu, left from India and got settled in China. Later on with their knowledge and based on the principles they worked on the subjects, they made new methods depending on the geography and surrounding around. It was quite a long study. Feng shui is more of technical and detailed study whereas Vastu is more of directions. Feng shui’s bigger picture is about exteriors matters whereas Vastu is inside study about the person and the place. According to basic norms of Vastu, Mumbai shouldn’t have been the financial hub as Vastu focuses more on direction whereas if addressed in Fen shui everything fits properly as Feng shui is about the exterior. Although Feng shui and Vastu are loosely connected.

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