How negative energy can be gutted by 5 elements?

Certain features in your external environment can affect positively or negatively on the vastu of your building. Location of a road and open space are the highly important consideration in Vastu analysis. T- Junction is a direction where the place is in perpendicular direction. 

The Situation when a house faces a T-junction, it is like a gun being pointed straight at the house. The T-junction acts like a funnel drawing negative energies towards the house. People staying in such houses are always in troubles.

The occupants of such a house could suffer from poor health and may be accident-prone. Business premises located at T junction will face instability. We have seen so many of business house located at the T junction has closed down in a short period of time. Just passing by, Mr. Paresh Goshar saw that there was a dosa centre at Dadar which was facing a T- junction. As mentioned above, such places never witness a growth but the case was not same here.

The place was totally rocking in its business and was doing absolutely great. On been noticed and deep observation we came to know that as the five elements play a great role in the Vastu as well. At the dosa corner there was a flame used which was clashing all the negative powers of the T-junction as hence it was radiating all the positive energies. So through this study we also came to know the importance of 5 elements and how it can convert all the negative energy into positive one.

Hence the dosa corner was working great. Though he didn’t have any knowledge of Vastu and unknowningly his placement made him work his life well and happy.

which in GeoBio-Vaastu concepts of analysis and correction’s practioner’s learn how to use negative energy to your benefit.

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