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Terms and Conditions

  1. I promise myself, Universe and my Teacher- Course Coordinator Paresh Goshar that I will use or see this video, Course Notes myself and that I will not share, not sell, not earn by showing this videos to others, not barter this videos for anything else, will not teach without permission this is for my education purpose only, and I will keep this to myself.
  2. As your online access is not in our control, still if for any reason you take any audio, video, or photography, you are not permitted, to share, not sell, not earn by showing this videos to others, not barter this videos for anything else, that you will not teach without permission this is for your education purpose only, and that you will keep this to yourself, kindly take note of that, and that I the undersigned and name as above will use or see this video for myself .
  3. Also, the knowledge that I gain will be used for the benefit of Human kind and that I will not harm anyone by using this Vidya- Knowledge in any wrong way.
  4. On This Online Courses, You have to come face to face. So See that all your equipment are working. (Mic, Speaker, & Camera – Whether on Laptop, Computer, Ipad, or Mobile).
  5. Terms, Conditions, Instruction’s, Course content and Course Fees (Energy Exchange) is subject to change without prior notice.
  6. Payment Once Received Will Not Be Refunded.
  7. Discipline needs to be maintained in all our online courses.
  8. 5 (Five) minutes prior, you need to be present in our waiting room.
  9. Up to 10 (Ten) minutes late after the course starts you will be allowed in our online course, after that we will not allow you.
  10. On-Camera, you need to be present with proper clothing.
  11. If You are absent for the course for two successive time’s,( unless any serious matter, for which you have given us prior notice) you will be removed from the course list and no material will be shared also no payment will be refunded.(point 6 as above ).
  12. When You Join The zoom meeting, you have to mention your full name in your Zoom Username.
  13. You have to be muted, video off, when the actual course is running, anyone disturbing in between for several times, when prior instructions are already given, you will be removed from our meeting.
  14. We will do our best to answer all your questions (with some exceptions), Question-related to the course are only welcomed.
  15. You will be given proper time to ask the question (Don’t Ask while the course is running as other participations get disturbed).
  16. Anytime during the course, you will be instructed to share your live screen or send full photograph of your full screen ( of your Computer, Laptop, Ipad, Mobile) on our WhatsApp number +919869352061..
  17. We will take live video testimonial reviews from every participant’s (If you don’t want that to be published on social media, please give us clear cut instructions).
  18. This all above points are for the benefits of the participants so that the course runs smoothly (unless any external factors disturb us which are not in our control). And this save’s a lot of time and you will benefit from it.
  19. Kindly Take Note of all the Above Points. Kindly read the instructions thoroughly.
  20. Video Recording will not be provided, if the participants does not makes notes.
  21. You Permit us to scan your energy and know your intent about joining the course.
  22. We reserve the rights of accepting/ rejecting this application.
  23. Any Disputes to Subject to Mumbai’s Jurisdiction. (Maharashtra, India)
  24. You are not allowed to download the course videos which we share, or else your access will be denied.
  25. Video recording of courses under 10,000 INR will not be shared.
  26. Edited and Highlighted Videos will be shared after one week of the course.
  27. Any Participants who are into any teaching and/or marketing of occult subject which includes KP Astrology, Vastu Shastra (All), AstooVaastu(All) Must Declare themself before joining.

LEGAL- READ CAREFULLY In case this email id and registered details(Name, Email ID, Phone Number, And other Registered Details) is used by multiple systems or locations it will automatically blocked by system-we will not unblock it. Instead a legal action will be taken against under cybercrime seeking for compensation for monetary loss occurred to Paresh Goshar Online Course Series and World On Vastu. Circulation of knowledge acquired by Paresh Goshar Online Course Series and World On Vastu in any form (Videos, Whatsapp, FB post, Audio, Download, Recording) will be taken as an offense.

May 19, 2020
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