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Vastu Shastra is a science of construction and is traditional Hindu system of architecture based on many factors. It literally translates to science of architecture and these texts are found on Indian subcontinent that describe principles of design, layout, measurement, ground preparation, arrangement, and spatial geometry. It is also known as Vastu Veda and Vastu Vidya, and is an ancient doctrine which consists of precepts born out of a traditional and archaic view on how the laws of nature affect human dwellings. In Sanskrit the word ‘Vastu’ means a dwelling or house with a corresponding plot of land. Vastu Shastra consists of traditional Hindu and in some cases Buddhist beliefs.

Vaastu is a science that provides a set of principles for the construction, layout and Interior Design of Houses, Industries Temples and even Town Planning by building up harmony with the five basic elements of the Universe (Air, Water, Earth, Wing and Space). The designs are intended to integrate architecture with nature, the relative functions of various parts of the structure, and ancient beliefs utilizing geometric patterns (yantra), symmetry and directional alignments.

Vastu deals with the discipline of building science and influences every aspects of our life on the Earth as well as part of this Universe.The basic theme remains to establish the link that is eternally present between man and the cosmos. It has a Vedic origin, derived from Atharva Ved and has been accepted as Sthapatya Ved describing all about ancient Indian architecture.

Vaastu Shashtra explains about all around development of the life of the native. Today architects have started to know how modern spaces effect the health of people and environment. There is greater need now to implement the principles of Ecological building and design for healthier and more sustainable homes.

Adherence to Vastu Shastra, in city planning and architecture has suddenly assumed tremendous significance. It is a science where energy & matter both are considered for application. It simply is E=MC2, where Energy and Mass are inversely proportional.

Has Vedic Vastu is difficult to follow in modern times with stringent Municipal laws, architectural constrains, and other restrictions, so Energy Vastu corrections become an alternative. We try to maximize the energy without moving or disturbing the previous placement done and to bring in the paramount positive energy.

Disclaimer: We don’t Claim for any Results as there are many factors in a person’s life and Vastu or Fengshui or any such subject is only one of them.

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