New Construction, Renovation, Architectural Interior Planning, Buying New Apartment, Selecting Offices Buying Industrial Units, Planning Bungalows, Finding appropriate house from the selected few-which one is the best for me.

People are very much conscious about their new beginning and do not want to take any risk about it. Hence starting to built any space from scratch, the best understanding can be taken from Vedic Vastu principles, as, it caters to many aspects, right from selection of plot, its slope, direction, orientation, Vastu planning, its Ayadi calculation i.e., its Vastu best dimensions so that the built property vibrates in a more positive way, to deciding its placement of different activities, its color, etc. Here with all the above, the key is the selection of dimensions through Ayadi calculation.

When a complete planning is done through Vedic Vastu methods, one can always add many more layers for optimum use of space and tune it fine with indepth knowledge of Feng Shui. Here along with the 8 Bagua, other methods on Feng Shui can be used depending upon the size of property. All these methods work in parallel with GeoBio-Vastu, and none of the method obstructs the other.

Alongside even when the detection of Geopathic, stress lines are done for the same property and harmonised.  Then one can realize the full potential of that property as this Geopathic energies are not harmonious to human being’s and need attention.

All the above Subjects of GeoBio-Vastu, Vastu-Shastra, Feng Shui, Geopathic Stress, Building Biology, Vastu Bau-Biology, Geo-Biology can be used when planning for a Home, Bungalow, Raw houses, Factories, Offices, Shops, Shopping Malls, Parlors, Hospitals, Pathological Laboratories, Clinics, Maternity Homes, Industrial Units, Green Houses, IT Commercials parks, Theaters, Auditorium, Public Halls, Gardens, etc.

Already Built Structures

It includes of existing Property- be it Residence, Office, Factory, Industrial unit, Hospital, Shops, Restaurants, Hotel’s, Clinics, Corporate spaces, etc

For already built premises of any kind, for eg. Flat systems in a major city, built structure, an Industrial unit or Factory where practically norms of Vedic Vastu can be implemented or not  Corrections based on the principles of GeoBio-Vaastu can be done without any breakages.

In such cases, the said premises are studied through various means, even one can use some general or specific instruments like Lecher Antenna, Pendulums, some may even use their intuition. In older times people also used twigs for checking direction. Lopan compass can be used which also helps in getting the exact degree of Main Gate or Main Door and is taken into consideration with many other highly sophisticated digital and manual instruments. An in-depth study of each property is done to check at what different positive and negative vibrations the property is vibrating at on the Lecher scale. If the geopathic cross junctions or is on a geopathic zone then one is likely to find their body immunity under stress and moreover body seems to be failing for fighting against the diseases.

Similarly if main Desk, main Door or a stove position in a house is on Geopathic line, then it also has a detrimental effect on the person’s living there and can affect the property too.

At such Geopathic points when even machines, heavy machinery or any electronic components are kept, they have been observed to be impaired by these heavy negative vibrations which are thrown vertically up from below the Earth. All such different vibrations are corrected with different Vastu Logical Instruments that vibrate to counteract these negative frequencies, and the required property then starts to vibrate in a more positive sense.

Vastu Rectification

Vastu Rectification – one way to understand is by Lecher Antenna whereas there are other means also. The building science subject basically deals with two energy sources, i.e. the Solar Eenergy which flow from East to the West and Magnetic Energy (Jaivic Energy) which flows from North to the South. The aim is to control the flow of these energies by selecting proper direction and alignment.

Any imbalance between the directions or the energy flow can have an impact on the human living there. As a result of environmental aggression it creates disharmony among humans, and one needs to amend energies in humans and the environment to have a better effect.

Rectification System: Without much effort we can achieve an overall so called good or perfect Vastu- depending on each property and how practical it is , also keeping in mind the Municipal laws, building structure, other architectural norms . In this process of understanding we use Lecher Antenna  and we measure this at three different levels.

First level is used for measuring the cosmic level which represents North, North East and East of your environment and this cosmic energy is physically related to upper part, brain, conscious level related to your mental powers, peace and confidence in life.

Second level is used for measuring the global level, which directly deals with Bramasthan the global energy which corresponds to stomach, pancreas liver, human relationships and health.

Third level is Telluric level; Earth energies which is used to measure the geopathic stress and as harmonic effect of South, South-West, West on human body. This Telluric Energy is related to lower part, abdomen areas, stability, and finance and work related matters