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ADVANCE VASTU SHASTRA TRAINING-GeoBio-Vastu- 2 Vastu, VastuShastra,Commercial Vastu.

Geo Bio-Vaastu Module-2

Those who have attended Module 1- Lecher Antenna -Practical Training with us- can attain this Module 2.

Module 2 contains:-

Advance Vaastu-Shastra Course.

From Module 2 to Module 4, we will be learning about Radiation, Electrical pollution, Mobile Tower Radiation, Earth’s Radiation and many more topics and how to detect and  harmonize.

  • How to detect Geopathic stress lines and zones and how to rectify it.
  • What is the strength of High Tension electric lines, its effect on us and how to rectify.
  • Buildings having Mobile towers and what are the effect on that building including all the surrounding and what is the way to harmonize it.
  • What is there in the surrounding? How and why does it affect our lives?
  • What is there in the body that gets affected? And why does it get affected?
  • How to detect Chakras and organs with Lecher Antenna? How to balance them?
  • How to balance, heal our self from all this pollution- be it electrical, geopathic stress, mobile towers, High tension lines?
  • What is the significance of main door? Do we need single shutter or double? What are energy points in the main door and how to find and energize them?
  • Where is the Nabhi point- main energy point in a building, or a Residence and how to locate with Lecher Antenna?
  • How to energize Nabhi Point?
  • What is a Bramhasthan? And why it is named Brahmasthan? What is it significance?
  • What is Marma point and how to find them in any given Vastu? (Be it in cardinal or diagona direction)


Level 1 was meant for correctly working with the Lecher Antenna. From level 2, the course is about depth study on how to harmonize and integrate the aspects of Vastu and Indian culture. It is based on deeper understanding of working of the subtle energies and the energy grid system of our human body. The need of the hour is to learn and how to bring the sacred knowledge which our ancient knew back in our present life and how to use it in design and architecture.

For our ancients, the architecture was and is sacred. Today, we need to understand the secrets our forefathers had mastered in creating forms and spaces that have outlived time.This is one of the fundamental themes of this training course – Bringing the Sacred back in our Architecture for Integral Health and a Harmonious Life.

  • Introduction to vastu-geobiology, energy concepts.
  • History of Energy Science.
  • How the entire concept of Energy Science was born?
  • How does Human beings behave and react to the energy system?
  • What is there in the environment and how that can affect us?
  • What is there in the body and how does that gets affected? Why?
  • Exercises on how body reacts with energy system.
  • Exercise on how body reacts to his own thought.
  • Exercise on how body reacts on some one’s else thought form.
  • Working with the lecher antenna (LA).
  • Working with the LA to find Electricity Pattern of different devices.
  • Understanding the energy axes of the body – the body nadi system and its relations with the cycles of the sun-moon and earth, their relationship with orientations.
  • Working with the lecher antenna to detect the energy axes of the body, and learning about energy corrections on the body and in a place.
  • Energy science of materials.
  • Symbols and their energy.
  • Placements of Main Door, Rectification Process if the Main door is not in right place.
  • Placement of Main Door, Staircase according to Northern hemisphere.
  • How to detect 3 most powerfull Energy Points  in a building, and how to energise them?
  • How to rectify single Shutter doors?
  • Energy Drains in any given property, how to detect and rectify?
  • Energy Drains of Wash Rooms, Kitchens, wash basins.
  • Learning about Cuts and Extension’s in all different directions.
  • How to rectify Cuts and Extensions?
  • How to check color in a building?What is  the signifance of color?
  • Colour radiations of the energy axes of the body.
  • Impact of colors in a building and the body, static and dynamic aspect of colours.
  • Sunpath and color windows in a building.
  • How to rectify with color’s and help in healing the body?
  • How to use color to heal body?
  • Working with the lecher antenna.

Vaastu course fees- 76000/- plus GST 18%.

1349-USD for Studies in India, and 1799 USD for studies in other Countries.

Date & Venue of Event-Fees & Course Contents is subject to changes without prior notice.

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