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GeoBio-Vaastu -Module 3
Includes one day Practical Vaastu Site Visit.
Those who have completed Module 2- GeoBio-Vaastu Training with us can attain Module 3.

Module 3 Contains:-
From Module 3, the course is about depth study of how electro magnetic radiation have effects on human body and how does it affect the surrounding. It also shows placements of the door plays an important role in Vastu and how it can turn the life other way round. How Vastu faults can be corrected using C.C is also a part of this level, whereas it also shows of working with L.A. Module 3 also explains about human energy system which includes Chakras and Nadis. How staircase, main door and other placements at home affects our life and health is been communicated at this level.

  • Effect’s of Electro-Magnetic Radiations on the human body, kirlian photos and experiments.
  • Impact of Mobile towers on people, and how to block its radiation from surrounding?
  • Mobile towers on one’s own building and how to neutralize its impact?
  • Concept of Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere.
  • Placement of Main Door, Staircase according to Southern hemisphere.
  • Different approaches to corrections in a place and the human body.
  • Learning to work with the lecher Antennna with the Chakras of the human body.
  • Different placement of Main Door in Cardinal and Angular Plots.
  • Different position of Main Door in N.H & S.H
  • How to create Energy Entry with C.C?
  • Where to place Main Door frame if the Frame size and wall Thickness are not of same size.
  • How to use C.C in many different ways to correct Main door, Wash rooms.
  • How to bring in Energy flow in to a premise?
  • How to remedy if your property is having different floor level?
  • How to prevent and rectify T-junction’s?
  • How to rectify dead end property?
  • How to rectify and allign more then 2 doors in a line for different NH & SH?
  • How to rectify Basements?
  • How to divide a property, a bungalow. a empty plot in to 2 or more division?
  • How to rectify Kitchen if placed in wrong sector?
  • How to rectify High Tension electric lines?
  • How to Neutralise Mobile Handset, Mobile Towers?
  • How to rectify Septic tanks?
  • How to rectify Under Ground Water tanks?
  • How to Rectify over head water tanks?
  • How to rectify different heights of different shades in a factory?
  • How to rectify slopes of lands and roofs?
  • How to study and convert a property from N.H to S.H or reverse?
  • How to correct Wash Room’s if they are situated in North, NE, East,
  • and how to correct W/C’s Bath Rooms when in other direction’s?
  • How to correct all the Water Drainage points?
  • How to rectify Faraday’s Cage- Electricity?
  • Finding the Marmas of the building, working with the Marmas and the lecher antenna.  
  • The vastu approach and in the different ancient cultures around the world.
  • Changes in the intensity of the magnetic fields and in the body- working with the lecher antenna.
  • Various alternative therapies such as reflexo-therapy, acupuncture meridians – shiatsu.
  • Impact of Abortions on the Subtle bodies of both Male and Female Parents, and how to clear the entity energy body of child.
  • Practical demonstration of how to dissolve the Energy body in the Aura because of Miscarriage or Abortion .
  • Practically Learn how to detect Chakra Chords and if broken how to rectify and allign the Chakra Chords.
  • Learn how to detect External Chakra’s in one;s body – how to detect and correct if any issues?

Practical Vaastu Site Visit-  Where you will learn how to find the directions properly by compass, 
how to detect different energies by Lecher Antenna,
Check with Lecher Antenna whether the property is of Northern Hemisphere or Southern Hemisphere,
How to do corrections using precise reading’s and check the place before correction and after doing correction what is the difference in the Energy Levels?

Course Fees- 115000/- plus 18% GST  2000USD for Studies in India, and 2500USD for studies in other Countries.

Date & Venue of Event-Fees & Course Contents is subject to changes without prior notice.

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