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Module 4 is a detailed study of all the levels we have do so far. Here it includes a site visit which is about implementing all the knowledge shared.  We make sure that we does the balancing part and refining it. Detailed study of geopathic stress and chakra chords which includes how to balance the chords and if not there, how can be re establish the chords for better working of energy system is also been studied. We also consider about studying of planetary system and how does it affect individual energy and the vibes affecting our homes  and how can we rectify it. In Ayadi calculation the study works with the tip of middle finger till the elbow joint. It is then measured and further calculations are made accordingly wherein, finally the place is been made by having maximum positive energy. The major places are rectified with CC (Cosmic cubes) and how it can be done is portrayed and examined in the Module 4. It also has detailed study of designing of every corners of the home and how it can change all the energies and bring out maximum positivity.

Biorhythms,  5 elements, Geopathic Stress, Chakra Chords, Planetary System, Sound, Ayadi Calculation, working with C.C (Cosmic cubes), working with L.A, Biorhythms of the body. It also includes designing doors, windows, furniture, buildings – 9 divisions and grid systems  and a whole subject on of Ayadi calculations.

Learning how to calculate Perimeter of the building and how to convert in to Hasta.

Ayadi calculations of Plot, Building and comparing with the Individual people by their Hasta measurement.

Hasta calculation of Plot, and space, and learning the process of Planning.

Ayadi Calculation and Rectification process in already built spaces.

Learning how to calculate Yoni through Ayadi calculation.

Learning how to calculate Income & Expenditure (Aya and Vyava proportion ) in a building and how to rectify.

Astrological imputs.

Detect Geopathic stress lines in a built space,

Understanding the magnetic grids of the earth, desigining build Spaces with the magnetic grids –

Geopathic stress- how to detect geopathic lines caused through Magnetic grid lines and water veins and how to rectify these geopathic lines.

Understanding and working with the 5 elements.

5 elements their placement in the space, and its impact through building on the individuals.

Correcting 5 elements in the body through LA, and also rectifying panch tatwa in the building.

The energy circuits in the body, the energy impact in a building.

Working with the 5 elements and harmonizing the 5 elements and their energy circuits in the body.

Working with the 5 elements Chords on the Chakras, its detection and if chords are cut how to re-establish.

Working with the 5- Panch Koshas of the energy body.

How to correct and energies 5 elements.How to correct and energies Planetary system.  and much more….

  • Planetary systems their relationship with the body.
  • Planetary systems their relationship with buildings and impact through the building in our lives.
  • Learning to detect the energies with the lecher antenna.
  • Landscaping and its impact.
  • Finding ones own symbol and how to work on it.
  • More subtler aspects of colour therapy.
  • Sound as the basis of form – mantras – nadh working to find ones own seed sound – birth nakshatra and sounds related to it.

Since the essential part of the training is connected to learning how to use the Lecher Antenna, we have to order for each participant a Lecher Antenna (cost:). The effective working and usage of the Lecher Antenna, lies in learning the correct technique of holding it: the arms of the Lecher Antenna are designed to be at an optimum working angle. They are held between the fingers of both hands with a high pressure to maintain a fine balance.

The open end of the Antenna is used to detect with a high degree of precision a wide range of very high frequencies, which are in the range of Giga Hertz. Frequencies that exist and affect us all the time in our environments – this spectrum is not visible to the human eye, but their radiation effects, especially health related impacts are visible and the cause of much concern today.

To learn to use the Lecher Antenna, its varied usage and applications, to practically experience its effect, range and applications, as well as the intellectual understanding of its workings, is a fundamental aspect of the course. As the training progresses, with regular practice and effort, the confidence and proficiency in working with the Lecher Antenna will increase.

With the completion of the courses you will be able to correct almost any property and also Human energy system.

In any given Property one can correct all the types of Electro Magnetic radiation, Mobile towers, High Tension electric grid lines, T-Junction, Dead End roads, Geopathic stress lines, Under Ground Water Streams, Under Ground Sewage Tanks, Under Ground Water Tanks, Height difference, Slope difference, Placement of 5 elements in wrong place, like kitchen not in SE, etc etc.

Many times when Vaastu is corrected still the client is not able to receive energy, receive results for the correction done, because it is been observed that the client the concerned persons Energy system is blocked, you can unlock his energy system.

Also many people undergo interventions, operations, Doctors stitch the physical body but the cut remains in the energy body, you will learn to seal this cuts, which results in the healing, balancing of the energy system, you can also correct, or unblock the chakra’s , etc.

Practical Vaastu Site Visit-

Here you will learn how to find the directions properly by compass and how to detect different energies by Lecher Antenna.

Check with Lecher Antenna whether the property is of Northern Hemisphere or Southern Hemisphere,

Detect Geopathic stress lines in a built space,

How to do corrections using precise reading’s and check the place before correction and after doing correction? What is the difference in the Energy Levels?

Course Fees- 115000/- plus 18% GST, 2000USD for Studies in India, and 2500USD for studies in other Countries.

Date & Venue of Event-Fees & Course Contents is subject to changes without prior notice.

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