Lecher Antenna Instrument Training includes of studying of Lecher Antenna which helps in measuring different types of energies that are prevailing around like cosmic energy, earth energy or maybe different types of radiation affecting the place which also enters through mobile towers and other mediums like that.

The wholesome study of how to use the instrument and how it will help us in our daily life will be taught. Different charts will be also provided which are use to measure wave length in a human body provided in a given space.  We will also study about wavelength at given spaces about all the objects which a human uses at their home like mobiles,belts, jewelry, etc.

Likewise it also measures the food and nutritional supplements to know whether the things we are having on daily basis is apt for us or no. Apart from measuring all these it also measures energy of a room as it is an important aspect and further how to rectify all these problems can also be studied in further levels like 2,3 and 4. It also checks energy of every individual and how does it gets amplifies is discussed too.

Here below is a short description on how Lecher Antenna Instrument Training:

  1. What is Acmos lecher antenna
  2. How to use and hold the antenna.
  3. Significant wavelengths on the antenna.
  4. How to measure an object.
  5. How to measure food and nutritional supplements.
  6. How to measure the energy of a room or a space.
  7. How to measure yourself and another person.

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